Our company's product application area: RFID

        Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a non-contact automatic identification technology. Its basic principle is to use the transmission characteristics of radio
frequency signal and space coupling (inductance or electromagnetic coupling) or radar reflection to realize the automatic identification of the identified object. RFID
technology is currently used in many industries, such as logistics, anti-counterfeiting traceability, industrial manufacturing, ETC and so on.
        In the use of RFID reader in manufacturing industry, it is increasingly prominent to cooperate with electronic tags in production, transportation and warehouse
management. In the production link, instead of bar code scanning gun, automatic data collection is realized; material pulling link cooperates with AGV trolley
transportation; warehouse link manages goods entry and exit, inventory and so on.
        In ETC (Electronic Toll Collection abbreviation), the reader is defined as RSU (Road Side Unit), namely, roadside unit and on board unit.The RFID reader is
applied in the management of the parking lot to realize the identification of vehicles and automatic deduction of fees. If the long-distance RFIDreader is used, it can
realize the fast channel without stopping, card-free, or unattended channel.
        Radio Frequency Reader (RFID Reader) communicates with RFID tag through antenna. It can read or write tag identification code and memory data. Typical
readers include high frequency modules (transmitters and receivers), control units and reader antennas.