Travel of Weishui Reservoir

        At 8:00 a.m. on June 29, 2019, under the leadership of Chairman Mr. Xiong, a group of 46 Omar employees took a bus to Songzi Weishui and began a day's journey. In the first half of this year, the company's orders were relatively full, and employees were busy with working overtime to complete the delivery of orders, while in the second half of this year, they will devote themselves to the production task of 5G material production. Through this activity, the company aims to keep everyone away from the stressful work pressure and close contact with nature, so as to devote more enthusiasm to the work in the second half of the year.
         After two hours' bus drive, we finally reached our destination and took a group photo together. Our journey has officially begun!
         After arriving at the scenic spot at 10 o'clock, we queued for tickets and boarded the boat one after another. We took a sightseeing ship to visit the lake. During the voyage, we enjoyed the Baidao Gallery composed of 586 islands and peninsulas. Weishui Lake is vast and clear, with islands and mountains in the lake. 500 Peninsula groups are adjacent to each other, with overlapping peaks and interdependent mountains and waters. It can be said that "Mountains become flexible when they have water, and waters become more charming when they have mountains".
         More than half an hour later, we arrived at the second scenic spot, Nanshan Guandao, which is the highest altitude island of Weishui Reservoir. Baiyun Pavilion is built on the island which has the best scenic spot of Weishui Reservoir from where different sizes of islands can be viewed.
         After we went ashore one after another, we began today's mountain climbing trip. The spiral climbing footpath are built with plank following the mountain trend. On both sides of the footpath, green plants and vines are curling, which is very eye-catching. Colleagues walked together, talking and laughing, and unknowingly climbed up to the Baiyun Pavilion. 
         Standing on the viewing platform, a good view of the gorgeous dam, the grand island and the blue water can be enjoyed. Climbing up to this pavilion, there is really an indescribable pleasure and endless joy!
         Half an hour after Baiyun Pavilion's sightseeing, the ship arrived at the Ecological Island from Nanshan Island. On the island, we enjoyed a rich lunch. We chatted with each other while tasting the delicious food. After tasting the perfect food, the company's employees visited all the scenic spots on the island in groups, and entered the embrace of nature with beautiful scenery and birds. While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, we did not forget taking photos as a souvenir, which has enhanced our emotions and created a harmonious collective atmosphere. Some employees had a good harvest by buying the lotus seedpod and pine mushrooms.
         Finally, we took a sightseeing ship to the Weishui Camping Base, which is the largest outdoor fitness and entertainment base in Hubei Province. In the Camping Base, we were also working together to form a team to play some interesting entertainment facilities. Happy games were like returning to carefree childhood. We reluctantly ended a day's journey and returned to the company by bus.
         Although the activity lasted only one day, we exchanged ideas and enhanced feelings while visiting the lakes and mountains. Everyone was deeply impressed by the trip which allowed us to comprehend the affection and touching beyond work, the harmonious team, the warm family of Omar, and the company's painstaking intention to organize this trip. At the end of the journey, while attentively reviewing this journey, we should start a new round of work. We all believe that everyone will be more energetic and enthusiastic into the work.
         Looking forward to the next trip!