Stories about Mid-Autumn Festival

    Mid-Autumn Festival is our traditional Chinese festival. As early as in the book  <Zhou Li>, the word "Mid-Autumn Festival" has been recorded. It began to evolve into a fixed traditional festival in the early Tang Dynasty. By the Ming and Qing Dynasties, it had become the second largest traditional festival after the Spring Festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Spring Festival and the Tomb-Sweeping Day are also known as the four traditional festivals in China.
    Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival had the customs of offering sacrifices to the moon, enjoying the glorious full moon, worshipping the moon, eating moon cakes, enjoying osmanthus fragrans, drinking sweet-scented osmanthus wine and so on. It has been handed down for a long time. There are many customs and forms of the autumn festival, but they all rely on people's infinite love for life and yearning for a better life. Mid-Autumn Festival has always been described as the most humane and poetic festival.
   In addition, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a festival with stories. Mythological stories include Chang'e Flying to the Moon, Wu Gang Chopping the Tree, Jade Hare Making Heavenly Medicine and so on. What is more amazing is that Zhu Yuanzhang once put in the moon cakes the note "Riot on August 15" and distributed them to the leaders. After a fierce and bloody battle, they finally succeeded. The custom of eating moon cakes on August 15 has been preserved since then.
     After a deeper understanding of the Mid-Autumn Festival, we must have more knowledge and love of the Mid-Autumn Festival. I wish all the employees of the Omar family and customers a happy Mid-Autumn Festival. May you all have an enjoyable and wonderful holiday!