The municipal government organized the bank to help OMAR’s resumption to work in the epidemic

        Zhang Fengqi, vice mayor of Yichang municipal government, Li Shaomin, president of Hubei Branch of China Development Bank and Fu Tao, vice president of Yichang Branch of Hubei Bank, visited Hubei Omar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. at 10:30 a.m. on May 13, 2010. Leaders of the company welcomed their arrival and visit in person at the door.
        Li Weinan, president of the company, introduced relevant products to the visitors and led them to visit the production workshop. They followed Mr. Li into the dust-free workshop wearing shoe covers to know about the production process of OMAR.

        Through this visit, they got to know OMAR’s actual situation of the production and operation. The communication between the two sides has promoted the next step of financial cooperation. In addition, Fu Tao, vice president of Yichang Branch of Hubei Bank, signed a supplementary agreement on loan contract and interest rate reduction with the company on the same day, so as to relieve the company's financial pressure during the epidemic period and give the company significant support and preferential policies in terms of funds.