Celebrate the Foundation Ceremony of the Second Phase Project of OMAR

        At 2:00 p.m. on June 20, 2020, the foundation ceremony for the second phase of the company's project was held in the plant area of Hubei Omar Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Li  Weinan, President of the company, Mr. Xiong Hualing, shareholder director, Mr. Xiong Jie, director and chief executive officer, Mr. Yang Haibin, product technical director, Mr. Zhou Guangqi, supervisor, Mr. Han Fei, assistant president, representatives of the construction party and personnel of all departments of the company attended the commencement ceremony.
        The total investment of the second phase of the project is 495 million yuan. It is planned to build a new 5G high-frequency high-speed copper clad base material production plant and warehouse, office building, R&D center and comprehensive building of 35,000 square meters, a new 5G high-frequency high-speed copper clad base material and related supporting material production line, and supporting facilities such as lighting, fire fighting, road and greening. At the commencement ceremony, Li Weinan, President of the company, made an important speech. He compared the construction of the second phase project of Omar to the Second Entrepreneurship of all Omar people. Under the adverse impact of this year’s epidemic on the economy, the company still has to overcome difficulties, expand the production scale of the company, and expect greater development of the company.